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Not all mezcal is created equal and we are dedicated to sharing with you the best that Mexico has to offer so you can get the same magical experience and enjoyment that we have. Whether or not you get the chance to travel to the motherland, our mission is to bring the motherland to you. It's all for the love of mezcal as there is no other spirit in the world like it.

WE ARE a 100% agave Espadín from a small pueblo in Santo Domingo Albarradas in Oaxaca, south-western Mexico. Set in a microclimate semi-tropical zone with citrus overtones, roasted tropical fruit, wood, and spice tasting notes. The fruity yet earthy taste partially comes from the minerality in the enriched soil on mountain slopes, aside from water streams. You're able to smell the characteristics in the nose with a smooth and dry finish. It All Starts with a Taste...

Sipping "Jicara" cup

Elevate your mezcal sipping experience with the Dos Gabachos Mezcal "Jicara" cup. Handcrafted cup from Pinotepa de Don Luis brings a touch of Oaxacan tradition.

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Shipping Direct to Doorstep in 47 States & 28 Countries

Within the United States, due to state laws we are currently unable to ship alcohol to the following states: Michigan, Mississippi and Utah.

If you see your Country listed below, we ship to you!  (If not, feel free to contact us.

We ship to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States Minor Outlying Islands, & US Virgin Islands.

The world’s most complex spirit, Mezcal reigns supreme in the artesanal market.

Dos Gabachos Mezcal is "BEAUTIFUL" - Anna Orton Pujol, Director of Wine & Spirits for Mastro's Restaurants

  • The Journey

    Photographs and Videos from our journeys in Oaxaca.

  • Dos Gabachos Mezcal 101

    Mezcal 101

    Meet our Mezcalero and learn about the process of making Mezcal. Get to know some of the different agave species and the legend of Mayahuel.

    Our Mezcalero

    The Process

    Is Mezcal Tequila?

    Agave Species

  • In the best of Mezcal brands is Dos Gabachos Mezcal

    Cocktail Lounge

    With over 20 years of Mixology experience, we inspire you to take part in creating these hand-crafted recipes at home to share with friends and family.


Read about the Legend of Mayahuel...

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